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Two Immediate Actions Needed for Climate Justice
On April 22nd, at the Climate Summit, President Biden and the U.S. announced a bold commitment to reducing U.S. emissions by 50% by 2030.
This comes on the heels of his first months in office, when made several other important steps on climate by he signing executive actions directing the US to rejoin the Paris climate accord, cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline, and directing agencies to review and reverse more than 100 regressive environmental actions taken by the previous administration.  

At Seventh Generation, we welcome and celebrate these actions, and see them as an important signal that the new administration embraces the scientific consensus around the climate crisis, and the need for urgent and bold action.   

We also celebrate the decades of hard work, organizing, strategy, and heart from the climate justice movement, Indigenous communities, Black leaders, and other leaders of color at the forefront of the environmental justice movement. 

But we also recognize that the fight for true climate justice is just getting started—and there’s no time to lose. In the midst of a pandemic and a climate emergency, President Biden has before him the chance to be a Climate President. To step into the leadership required to ensure a just and sustainable future for this and future generations. And to be the first president to truly confront the entrenched environmental racism that has impacted communities of color and Indigenous communities for generations.

And that starts with ending the era of fossil fuel production and protecting the vulnerable communities hardest hit by COVID-19. It starts when we reckon with the true scale of the environmental and public health disaster we’re facing.

It starts when we #Buildbackfossilfree


We stand with the hundreds of organizations calling on President Biden to do everything in his power to meet the scale of the climate crisis and transform this country by investing in our communities and the planet. Most urgently, he needs to:

1. Stop Approving New Fossil Fuel Projects (Stop the Bad):

Bottom line—there’s no such thing as a safe fossil fuel project, and we need to stop pretending otherwise. Fossil fuels cannot be transported safely, nor will construction projects that rely on fossil fuels ever serve the communities closest to them, which are so often home to our most vulnerable and marginalized citizens.

2. Declare a Climate Emergency (Build the Good):

President Biden made a promise during the campaign to put climate at the forefront of his domestic agenda, and now is the time to follow through by declaring a climate emergency. Right now, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a truly green climate agenda, full of good paying green jobs, and backed by a commitment to do right by the health and welfare of those frontline communities who for generations have borne the burden of living near toxic air pollution and harmful fossil fuel production.

After those bold actions, there’s still so much that needs to be done—and you can help! How?

Visit Build Back Fossil Free to sign the petition urging President Biden to take action. It only takes a minute and will go a long way in helping inspire these important steps. While you’re there, learn more about important further executive actions that the President can take on behalf of climate.

It’s going to take all of us to achieve the healthy future our children deserve, and to create a better, more equitable tomorrow for the next seven generations.
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