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What is Thymol

Thymol can be found in several botanical oils. Thymol, a component of the botanical thyme oil, when used as a disinfectant active ingredient on Seventh Generation disinfection products, kills 99.99% of household germs.

Thymol, is an ingredient derived from common culinary herbs like thyme and others and is known for its antimicrobial properties. Many botanical oils from herbs, including thymol, have been used for thousands of years in Roman, Greek, and Indian medicine as antiseptic agents. [1]

Seventh Generation offers a full line of disinfecting products that feature this unique active ingredient. From disinfecting cleaners and sprays to convenient disinfecting wipes, there is a product for every household need. Want to learn more about disinfecting with Thymol? Visit our friends at CleanWellTM.

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