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2015 product improvements - Trash Bags, Dish Gel, Laundry Liquid

There is always room to improve and grow – and in 2015, we took a look at our range of products to see if we could do just that. Our product development team is continually innovating and looking for ways to increase biobased or recycled content, or to improve biodegradability or recyclability to support our 2020 goals. They also as look to improve product effectiveness, reduce cost, and better meet our consumer needs.

It's not easy to change a product formula at Seventh Generation because of our exacting goals; we seek to use only safe, effective, biobased, biodegradable, and affordable ingredients."

-Chantal B., Manager of Research & Development

Here are 3 products we improved in 2015:

Auto Dishwasher Gel: Our high standards for product formulas made it tricky, but we cracked the formulation code and our dishwasher gel no longer contains boric acid.

Liquid Laundry Detergent: We upgraded our 100 oz. bottles to use 20% plant-based plastic made from sugar cane for greater strength—and they're still fully recyclable!

Extra Strong Trash Bags: New Greencore® technology means our bags have 4 times more recycled plastic, and they're twice as strong.

We also introduced some new products to our family:

Ultra Power Plus™ Collection: Our suite of dish and laundry products features a new PlantTech™ formula to deliver a deeper clean while staying true to our commitment to high biobased content, plant-derived fragrances, and biodegradability.

EnergySmart™ Products: Over 90% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our laundry detergent are from heating the water and drying the clothes during use at home. Our EnergySmart line of products is even more effective in cold water than our previous detergents to help save energy by reducing the need for washing in hot or warm water.

For a full list of what we’ve worked on in 2015 (and beyond), check out our Corporate Consciousness Reports

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