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Seventh Generation 2020 Voter Readiness Resources

At Seventh Generation, we’re fighting to increase voter turn-out for the 2020 election and standing up for voter rights so that each and every registered voter feels safe and heard. There’s a lot at stake in this election. The climate crisis is at a tipping point, and the health of future generations is in the crosshairs, which means election outcomes will be felt for years. That’s why it’s so important to vote on behalf of those who can’t yet cast a ballot. A vote this year is a vote so that kids seven generations from now get to grow up on a healthy planet. They’re counting on us RIGHT NOW. Raise your voice, use your vote, and join us!

Seventh Generation: Are You Registered to Vote
Are You Registered?


It’s quick and easy to check your voter registration status and register if you still need to. Deadlines are fast approaching, so don’t delay!

Seventh Generation_Make a Plan to Vote
Have You Made a Plan to Vote?


No matter how you’re voting this year (from home, early in-person, or at the polls on election day), a Voting Plan will help you get organized and election ready. Click here to make your plan today so you know when, where, and how you’re voting.

Seventh Generation_ Learn About Local Candidates
Get to Know the Candidates


The climate impacts of this election will be felt far beyond who wins the presidency. Familiarize yourself with who’s on your local ballot so you can choose climate-first candidates committed to fighting for a healthy planet and the health of future generations.

Seventh Generation_Pledge to Vote for the Future
Ready to Vote? Pledge to Vote for the Future


You’re registered, informed, and ready. Time to vote. When you vote this year, remember that the health of future generations who can’t vote yet is on the ballot. We can use our voice and vote for them. Pledge your commitment to vote for future generations & inspire others.

Seventh Generation 2020 Voter Readiness Resources
Count Every Vote, Every Vote Counts

Almost everything about 2020 has challenged us to adjust our perspective and embrace a new normal. Election day will be no exception. Here’s a few tips and things to remember. 

  • There will probably NOT be a clear winner on election day. But that’s okay. Poll workers and election officials will need extra time to process and verify an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots this year, which take more time to count and verify. Be prepared to wait. 
  • Election Day and the days beyond may feel confusing. That’s okay, too. Our democratic systems are strong and resilient enough to deliver a fair outcome, even if things look different due to COVID. Ignore the static. Our democracy is built to last. 
  • We all get to choose what media we consume and share. TV networks have time to fill, and social media will be buzzing. As you listen, comment, and share, be kind to yourself and others. Seek truth. Trust the process. Be a good citizen. 
  • An accurate result is worth waiting for. Be patient, take a deep breath, and remember that a free, secure election means taking the time to make sure every vote is counted. Democracy is worth the wait. 
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