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Vote For The Future

Young Person at Protest, black and white image - Vote For Me
Vote For Me - Lime Green
Will you vote for the future?

Young people across America are fighting for climate justice, but they need your voice to make theirs heard.

This year, use your vote on behalf of the generations who can’t yet.

Vote for Asher
Asher - Age 11 - Oakland, CA

If I could vote, I'd vote for climate justice, but I'm 11 so I need you all to vote for me. Together we can change the future. Climate justice is important to me because it helps make my future and a lot of other people's futures much better. Please vote so this does not happen anymore!

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Vote for Ahries
Vote For Ahries with Sign - Big Pollution Companies too a big piece of my heart and world.
Ahries - Age 12 - Oakland, CA

Hey everyone!

Vote stronger than you've ever voted before because it's going to take everyone to clean up this mess and make climate justice real!

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Vote for Ramauri
Ramuri with Poster - Climate Justice Now
Ramauri - Age12 - Oakland, CA

I need everyone to vote for leaders who care about all of the people no matter what zip code they live in or type of house or clothes they have. We need leaders who care about the problems we try to get the other politicians to see.

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Vote for Emmett
Vote for Me - Help The Planet Poster and Activist
Emmett - Age 14

I would vote for the climate so that 60 years from now, we would still even be able to vote. And I would still vote for the health of the planet, because all the other problems in the world need the world to exist in order to be fixed. I will always prioritize the planet so that when I’m done with what I need to do for the planet, I can get to the other stuff.

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Vote for Gabriela
Gabriela Activist and Poster - Climate Justice Now
Gabriela - Age 12

The climate crisis is real and the consequences for people disrespecting our earth are everywhere. I have dreams for what I want to do with my life, but those dreams won't be able to come true if people keep poisoning our very own home. If America doesn't go green, there will be long-term consequences. We can still turn this around, though, and to do so we must join together and VOTE. I can’t vote yet because I’m only 12, so that's why I'm asking you to vote for me. Vote for all the young people who can't yet, and together we'll make a difference.

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Vote for Haya
Haya Sign and Activist - No Justice No Peace
Haya - Age 14 - Oakland, CA

Please vote for leaders for change, leaders for equality, leaders who will make it happen. Climate change is ruining homes and breaking families apart. Take the time and help. Nobody is free until we are all equal. Help us fight for justice. I repeat, help us fight for justice.

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Vote for Jasia
Climate Justice Collage Poster and Activist
Jasia - Age 12

To those who can vote, please do! your voice matters now more than ever. We need to elect people who are pro-climate justice or else our planet is doomed. Do this for your children and future generations. PLEASE!

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Vote for Nadja
Nadja Poster and Activist - Skolstrejk For Klimatet
Nadja - Age 16

Voting is one way to make change, and this year, big changes are vital in the face of police brutality, environmental racism, housing inequality, lack of healthcare, and the destruction of our planet. If you are able to, please vote for yourself and for all those who historically have been and currently are denied the right to vote. Let's use our voices to create a more just country and world.

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Vote for Ocean
Ocean with poster - Earth Is Not Man-made, it cannot be manufactured.
Ocean - Age 15 - Sacramento, CA

Earth is not man-made; it can not be manufactured. Ignorance is not protection from scientific facts or loss of your future and mine. We can’t forget that we are still dealing with the Climate Crisis. This is our LAST CHANCE. Please -- VOTE for the EARTH in November!

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Vote for Gloria
Climate Action Is Greater than Inspiration - Poster and Activist
Gloria - California

Thinking about the future is hard. It is impossible to picture the rest of my life without considering the impacts of climate change that will become irreversible in ten years. As teenagers, enacting change in the world is nearly impossible: our opinions carry little weight, and we lack the ability to vote for people who can make change. This is why it can be so frustrating to see people ignore climate change when choosing who to vote for, or not voting at all. We need your help, to make changes through the channels you’ve been given.

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Vote for Magdalena
Magdalena Poster and Activist - Vote For Climate Justice Now
Magdalena - Age 12 - Oakland, CA

If you are old enough to vote, we need you! The climate crisis is so dangerous. It is fire that burns communities. It is floods that wash away schools. It is tornadoes that fly us a part. We are at a tipping point. Everything matters, so vote. Vote for future generations. Vote for our Earth. Vote for climate justice.

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Vote for Rio
Rio with Poster - Big Oil Took Our Childhood
Rio - Age 14 - Oakland, CA

This election is the most important election we have seen in my lifetime, from local to national. I hope everyone who cares about justice uses this opportunity. What does it mean to not even try? It makes those in power believe we don't care, that we can’t see what they are doing. If we don’t try to stop them, it’s like we are giving them permission to kill those on the front lines and our future. We all must get as many friends as we can to register and vote like never before.

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Vote for Quincie
Quincie with Poster  - You'll Die of Old Age, I'll Die of Climate Change
Quincie - Age 17 - California

We NEED climate justice. In the years to come, when the effects of climate change are out of control, who will be affected the most? Those who cannot defend themselves from large corporations, and those who contribute the LEAST to the problem. Climate justice is the commitment to fighting for these people. It is the reframing of climate change as an ethical and political issue, not just an environmental one. Please vote. Vote for those who take the climate crisis seriously, who believe in sustainability, and invest in renewable energy. We might be young now, but we won’t be young forever.

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Vote for Zaid
Vote For Zaid Sign and Activist - I'm 9 Years old and i need you to vote for justice
Zaid - Age 9 - Oakland, CA

We need leaders who take care of other people, not just their family and friends. We need leaders like Batman, my favorite superhero, because he focuses on saving our cities.

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Vote for Lizbeth
Lizbeth - Stop the Destruction of my Future Poster and Activist
Lizbeth - Age 16 - Richmond, CA

It saddens me when others don’t see the urgency of the Climate Crisis because many feel like it doesn’t affect them personally. While this crisis puts everyone’s futures at risk, the ones being affected and suffering the repercussions at the moment are low-income BIPOC like myself. We’re at the forefront of this crisis because companies purposely place refineries and big oil in our backyards, so we’re the ones who are suffering from the health impacts. If we don’t do something now, it won’t only be BIPOC, it’ll be everyone. And it shouldn’t be anyone at all. The Climate Crisis has our lives up for profit and we need to make sure that the people whose job it is to protect us, actually protect us.

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