August 25, 2020

A Vote for Climate = A Vote for Future Generations

A vote for climate is a vote for the future

As a brand deeply committed to building a healthier future, everything we do is in service of this and future generations. With the climate crisis at a tipping point and the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting every aspect of our lives, the outcomes of the 2020 General Election will be felt for years to come. That’s why as part of our mission to build a healthier, more equitable future, we’re focusing our efforts on increasing voter turnout. We will put a big emphasis on voter rights and ensuring all people have access to safe voting options across our nation. We’ve seen the power in community coming together and using our collective voice. The health of this and future generations depends on it.

Casting a Vote for Climate

The climate crisis is getting worse, and scientists agree we’re nearing the point where we won’t be able to slow, let alone stop, the damage being done to human health and the health of our planet [1]. The leaders elected in 2020 will inherit the responsibility of taking urgent climate action. By voting for lawmakers and policies that prioritize an equitable shift to clean energy solutions, we can help make urgent progress against climate change and enable a better future for our children and future generations.

But only if we vote. A vote in 2020 is not just a vote for a better today or tomorrow. It’s a vote for those who can’t yet cast a ballot but will inherit our world and the choices we make today. It’s a vote proving we believe in a seventh generation to come.

Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Check your voter status here and register here. Registration only takes a minute!

Protecting Voter Rights for a Safe Election Process

No one should have to choose between feeling safe and voting. The U.S. already has lower voter turn-out than many other nations, which is why we need to make it easier, and safer to vote from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Wisconsin and Kentucky primaries have already exposed the dangers of crowding at polling places, and we must take action to ensure all people are able to vote safely this year. Voting from home is easy, increases voter turnout [2], is politically unbiased [3], and will help keep voters safe by decreasing crowds at polling stations.

Please join us in asking elected officials to make sure that Congress provides the following:

  • Options for voting from home, including universal vote by mail and no-excuse absentee voting.
  • The ability to vote early, at least two weeks before the election.
  • A sufficient number of polling places to safely accommodate all voters.

To raise your voice, text VOTE to 57294 and ask Congress to support safe, accessible elections today. [Message and data rates may apply. 4 msgs/month. Reply HELP for help or STOP to cancel at any time.]

Don't forget! Check your voter registration status or register to vote here. If you’re curious to learn more about absentee voting, the ACLU has made it easy to get organized.

Vote for the Generation Who Can’t Vote Yet

Today’s young people are worried about their future. They know the climate crisis is getting worse and that their generation, especially vulnerable and marginalized communities, are going to feel the harshest effects in the years to come. They also know that today’s leaders aren’t doing enough to stand up for them and help ensure their healthy future. We need to do our part now so that they can inherit the same healthy planet we did. We need to use our voice and our power at the polls to vote for them and their future.

Casting a vote for our climate is casting a vote for the health of future generations to come – because we believe in a seventh generation and in leaving them the planet they deserve. Check your registration status, make and voting plan and pledge to VOTE for climate and future generations to come.