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Seventh Generation_Zero Waste Journey & Innovation

Through our efforts to create a healthier, more equitable planet for the next seven generations, we’ve continued to see how single-use waste is a rapidly growing problem.

While we’re proud to be an industry leader in product innovation that focuses on sustainable alternatives, we know we need to do more to truly tackle this problem. Afterall, even with all of the product changes we continue to make, 90% of our products’ energy footprint happens when they are purchased and used. And with low recycling rates[1], we know that product innovation is not enough – we have to fight for true systemic change. We’ve set the goal to be a completely zero-waste company by 2025, and to get there, we’re disrupting ourselves with products and packaging that don’t just reduce waste—but eliminate it. In particular, we aim to eliminate plastic and disposable products that don’t biodegrade.  

For example, meet our EasyDoseTM Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent. EasyDose features a revolutionary auto-dosing cap that makes sure you get the right amount of laundry liquid—every time. Just flip the bottle all the way upside down, squeeze firmly, and the dosing mechanism automatically stops for you. With no more wasteful, messy overpouring, it’s a less-stressful, cost-saving laundry solution you’ve been looking for. Not to mention, our new compact bottle is made to work great for your busy lifestyle. With Easy Dose, you get 66 loads in a 23 oz bottle that uses 60% less plastic, 50% less water, and is 75% lighter than our 100 oz bottle. Easy & lighter to ship, easy to store—and easy to love. We hope this product will change habits and lessen waste during laundry time.

Seventh Generation_Loop Packaging

Our efforts to disrupt for a Zero-Waste Revolution also include our exciting partnership with Loop, a revolutionary new way to get the products you love without the use of disposable, single-use shipping materials. Get ready to say goodbye to annoying piles of cardboard boxes! Created by recycling pioneers TerraCycle, you can purchase cleaning products, personal care, and even snacks and groceries, directly from the Loop Store and have them delivered to your door in a durable, reusable Tote that’s securely sealed and folds up for easy storage. It even has cutting-edge cooling technology that can keep food fresh or frozen without dry ice. Once your product containers are empty, rather than throwing the packaging away, or having to remember to recycle it, you simply ship it back to Loop using the same protective, durable tote—no bubble wrap or wasteful packaging required—and re-order whatever your family needs.

If you live in one of the areas Loop is currently available in, we invite you to give it a try the next time you need Seventh Generation laundry packs or dish soap. We hope to see this reusable delivery concept continue to grow!

We invite you to learn more about our 2025 Goals, and to join the conversation to reduce waste in your own life as a member of Generation Good, our on-line community full of families like yours who are looking for healthy, sustainable options at home.

We know we have work to do, but we’re thankful to have you all with us on this zero-waste journey. Here’s to a healthier future for generations to come.


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On a mission to create a more healthy, sustainable, and equitable world for the next seven generations and beyond.