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Eric Larson

While most of us take steps in our daily lives to minimize our impact on our planet, polar explorer Eric Larsen is taking a lot of steps, literally, to the North Pole to raise awareness around global warming and to bear witness to its impacts on the rapidly changing environment in the Arctic. And with all of the recent debate about what we do and don't know about the science of climate change, it's easy to lose sight of just what's at stake. That is why we are really pleased to be a sponsor of Eric's Save the Poles expedition, and know that he will be able to tell a unique story about how climate change is already impacting some of the most unique and special ecosystems on the planet. And not only have we happily provided a bit of cash to help Eric make his trip and tell his story, but more importantly, we are the official baby wipes supplier to the Save the Poles Expedition, which is really important for a guy who will be without a shower for two months. But our friend Eric is not just going to the North Pole. He is seeking to become the first person to trek to the South Pole, North Pole, and summit Mount Everest, all in one year. He began this incredible series of expeditions to the world's most iconic frozen places last November, and after 47 days in the harsh Antarctic climate, Eric successfully reached the South Pole on January 4th. One down, three to go. Eric is now staging for the second leg of Save the Poles, and is currently in Resolute Bay in Canada's High Arctic awaiting a flight to the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean. He is scheduled to depart on Thursday. Eric is driven not only by his love of snow and cold weather, but also his desire to protect these iconic frozen places from the ravages of climate change. Over the course of the next 8 weeks or so, Eric will be skiing, snowshoeing, walking, and drifting towards the north pole. He will be sending out daily updates, images, and podcasts from the journey. I encourage you to follow his progress at You will have a unique opportunity to see what it takes to accomplish a feat that only a small number of people have ever accomplished, and you will likely learn a thing or two about how global warming is affecting the North Pole and what you can do to be a part of the solution. Those of us at Seventh Generation wish Eric luck on his expedition, and will be looking forward following his trip. Learn more about Eric's trip and subscribe to his daily dispatches at