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The headline above is a quote from the Dalai Lama. It rings true for me every day, and seemed especially relevant during my recent conversation with Jean Brittingham, Founder of SmartGirls' Way.  Jean and the team at SGW are dedicated to inspiring, connecting, and empowering women entrepreneurs and the women's entrepreneurial movement.

What resonated for me was the story behind why Jean created the company.  Like many of us, she sensed that women must have a greater voice in the design of the economy if we are to thrive together in the future.  Jean became convinced that we needed to go "way up stream" and work on our relationship with one other, with the planet, and with future generations.  Her strong belief is that it will take a new kind of women's movement to get that done -- and that women entrepreneurs, all over the world but in particular in the developed world, will be key to that movement. She wholeheartedly embraces the Dalai Lama's insight that "The world will be saved by the Western Woman" and at SGW they are laser-focused on closing the gaps in the entrepreneurial eco-system for women.

Jean has spent the last four years doing extensive research on the subject of women entrepreneurs for her business and a book, The SmartGirls Way (due out this August).  One of the things she and her team discovered along the way is that there are an amazing number of women entrepreneurs already out there "just doing it" -- and often against amazing odds. She wanted to bring media attention to these women and their stories while creating a drumbeat for the women's entrepreneurial movement. So she created the 100x100 project -- an initiative conceived to showcase the women's entrepreneurial movement and inspire all the SmartGirls out there who are waiting to start their businesses, scale their businesses, or use their collective voice to drive policy change for the future. The project will feature a different woman entrepreneur each day for at least 100 days, and you can nominate one. So far, SGW has over 250 nominations -- and they're not even thinking of stopping at 100. Featured women from the 100x100 have already begun to network, connect, and support each other!!

Jean and the team would love your help nominating more great women entrepreneurs and adding to their network. 

The 100x100 launches the first week of August and you can see previews of the 100 in early July. You can register on the site and take their diagnostic (SmartGirls' Mirror) to find out which of your strengths are driving your entrepreneurial heart.


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Sheila B likes to write about women's issues and the environment.