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Corporate responsibility has come a long way since companies like Seventh Generation launched the movement over 20 years ago. But it hasn't come nearly far enough, and the fact is most of us still work for companies engaged in business as usual. What that means is jobs that aren't as inspiring as they could be and work that isn't as meaningful as the world needs it to become. There is a much, much better way, and the new book Bill Breen and I have written, The Responsibility Revolution, can show your own company how to find it. Based on both my own experiences and all the wonderful things we found happening at remarkable businesses around the world, it's filled with how-to advice and a wealth of great new ideas from companies that have decided to do things differently. What these companies have discovered is the extraordinary power that even simple changes have to boost everything from their balance sheets to employee happiness. They've learned that doing good opens doors and creates opportunities they never even knew were there. And the businesses they've built with this "secret" knowledge are the kind we all want to work for. Bill & I wrote our book not just for companies that want to make corporate responsibility their own, but for those that don't think they need to and can't see any reason why they should. If you believe that your own company can do better and become something bigger, this is the book you need to make sure your human resources department and management teams read. It's got a recipe for change that it's time to spread around. And I guarantee that if you share it with the people you work for and work with, it won't be long before you're very glad you did.