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Women in world summit

I recently attended the fourth annual "Women In The World" Summit in New York City.  The summit provided us with two days of amazing women sharing their stories of hardship and victory in all corners of the world.


In the past year we have been shocked by stories involving brutality against women in India, Pakistan, South Africa, Somalia, and the United States.  As a community of women and men we have evidence that we are at a "tipping Point" - a point at which we are coming together to declare our refusal to stand for more of the same.


We heard from courageous young girls from Pakistan, who face danger everyday in their mission to shed light onto the brutalities inflicted on women on a daily basis.  Girls as young as fifteen years old are telling their stories so that we, women in more privileged societies, can amplify their message and help support them in their work.


Whether women are being shot by bullets because they are exercising their right to an education, or whether they are being routinely raped, tortured or killed in the name of honor, a solution to the madness must be found.  Women In The World Foundation,, was founded in 2011 specifically to transform energy into action.  The work is done by connecting people to solutions - to nonprofits and programs that benefit women and children.


Connecting women to the nonprofits that advance women and girls is what the organization is all about.  Every one of us is capable of helping.  To find out how you, your children and your community groups can get involved sign up at today.


Be a part of the solution - we need a tsunami of women to make it happen.


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