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The future of this country and the health of future generations and our planet hang in the balance with the upcoming political election. In our 2016 Voters for the Next Generation blog post series, we're highlighting issues to support positive change for a better, more sustainable world.

Climate Change: What's Broken

It's evident that Climate Change is no longer simply an environmental issue. Increasingly dramatic weather patterns that are caused by rising global temperatures are impacting human health and safety—with a huge cost to taxpayers. Any way you look at it, burning of fossil fuels for electricity, transportation, and manufacturing is unhealthy to people and our planet.

The Paris Climate Agreement, which goes into effect in November, was negotiated by more than 200 countries to cap emissions and to hold the increase in global temeratures to well below 2°C.

As a first step to uphold our commitment in Paris, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency crafted the Clean Power Plan, a regulation that targets existing coal-fired and natural gas power plants with a goal of reducing greenhouse emissions 30 percent by 2030—which is essential if the U.S. is to meet the goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

The plan is being challenged in court by more than two dozen states and industry groups that oppose the sweeping federal act. The U.S. Supreme Court's decision next year will likely reveal the policy's fate, and how it plays out will also depend on who is elected president.

What We Believe at Seventh Generation

Since our inception, Seventh Generation has been focused on caring for the environment because we believe it's the responsible way to do business. We're working hard to reduce our carbon footprint toward our goal of all energy from non-fossil sources in 2020.

Last year, we hosted Al Gore in Burlington, Vermont, and announced our newest approach to combating climate change: a self-imposed internal carbon tax. We're using the generated revenue for efficiency projects, from working with our manufacturing and distribution partners to improving operational efficiencies and purchasing carbon offsets.

Our commitment to proactively address climate change is just one small step. We believe that climate change needs action from across the globe by leaders, businesses, and citizens. Now more than ever, we need our elected officials to take a stand and find proactive solutions to address climate change. Our future depends on it.

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Demand Action and Solutions to Address Climate Change

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