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Seventh Generation Right to Know

Yesterday marked an incredible milestone in our fight for ingredient disclosure. On Sunday, October 15th, Governor Jerry Brown of the state of California signed history-making legislation that requires cleaning companies to disclose all intentionally added ingredients online by 2020 and on pack by 2021. For the past two years, you’ve stood alongside Seventh Generation and our partners in our fight for your right to know what’s in the cleaning products you use around your homes & families – and now we’ve won! While the fight for the entire industry to #ComeClean continues on, this is a huge step toward building a healthier tomorrow for our families and our planet.  

Nearly 10 years ago, we pledged to voluntarily disclose our ingredients right on the package – an unprecedented move for its time. California’s historical decision proves how far the industry has moved since then. Major strides have been made in just this year alone – from new regulations requiring disclosure being implemented in NY to Target announcing a chemical strategy that is committed to driving ingredient transparency. As the demand for your right to know grows louder, the need for industry-wide change grows more apparent those in control. 


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While California is paving the way for others, there’s still work to be done. We’ll use this momentum to continue working to move similar legislation state-to-state and at the federal level. Join us in our fight for the cleaning industry to #ComeClean.  

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