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Sorting Clean Recyclables

Back in 2012, the state of Vermont passed Act 148 – a universal recycling and composting law hoping to make a big dent in what we send to our landfills. Starting next month, landfills will ban all mandatory recyclables – this includes items like aluminum & steel cans, magazines, glass bottles and paper bags.

Each year, the list gets a little bigger. By 2016, leaf & yard debris will be banned from landfills and by 2020, food scraps will be banded from the landfill entirely. July 2015 also marks the beginning of a statewide unit based pricing plan. This plan requires residential trash charges to be based on volume or weight rather than one fixed price.

As landfill bans are set in place, curbside haulers must also offer collection services for the items no longer being accepted. Learn more about the Universal Recycling Law (Act 148)

What do you think of Vermont’s plan for reducing waste across the state? Do you think other states should follow suit?

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