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Seventh Generation Soap Products by Kitchen Sink

In 1989, a small group of environmentally concerned visionaries created a new type of household product and a different kind of company to sell it. The products were renewable and recycled, and the business itself took responsibility for its impacts and put an unshakable commitment to human equity and the environment at the center of its values. Twenty-eight years later, we’re still pioneering sustainable product innovations and we’re still leading the charge that’s transforming commerce into a powerful force that lifts people up while protecting the Earth.

Today marks the next chapter of our story as we enter into an acquisition agreement with Unilever. Ranked number one in its sector in the 2016 Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Unilever shares our vision of purpose-led business. Our addition to Unilever’s product portfolio will allow the company to meet rising demand for high quality products with a greater purpose while also helping Unilever meet its ambitious sustainable living goals. Working together, we expect Unilever to allow us to realize our potential globally, with the opportunity to touch billions of people across the world, truly fulfilling our mission of nurturing the health of the next seven generations.

While our ownership changes, our commitment to creating effective products designed with concern for human health and the planet remains the same. We promise to uphold the same high standards that have gained your trust over the past three decades. Our passion for advocacy not only remains but is renewed with the energy and resources of our partner in Unilever. To ensure that the integrity of our mission is preserved, a Social Mission Board has been created to guide our vision and aspirations. I’m proud to share that our co-founder Jeffrey Hollender has agreed to join the Social Mission Board serving alongside leaders at Seventh Generation and Unilever as well as additional corporate social responsibility visionaries.

I write to you with deep gratitude, for bringing our brand into your home and trusting our products to care for all those that live in it. Thank you for challenging us, inspiring us and enabling us to prove that business can have a greater purpose – serving people, planet as well as profit. It is my every hope that you’ll join us as we continue our journey and that we’ll continue to earn your trust and loyalty.

In Service of the Next Seven Generations,

John Replogle