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with Sue H
Unbleached Paper Towels
I like to take special care when cleaning my pans. They are seasoned with olive oil, and in order to keep them naturally non-stick, after cooking I prefer to wipe the inside with one of Seventh Generation's Natural Paper Towels. I do this while the pan is still warm. If some cooking residue remains, I run a little water into the pan and swish it around with the paper towel. I like using our Natural Paper Towels for a number of reasons: they can be composted, they are tough enough to do the job without any soap, and I don't have to use a cloth that will need to be laundered. Last but not least, I like that they are a natural (brown) color, meaning that an extra step wasn't used at the manufacturing level to whiten them. Happy pan wiping!
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Sue works at Seventh Generation.