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Mother Daughter Playing

When I was small, I was very lucky to need four Mother's Day cards. Naturally, I made a card for my mom, but also for my two grandmothers, and then one additional card for a very dear aunt.

As a child, I was only aware of the treats and special lunches out, the sleepovers, baseball games and surprise toys in the mail. As I grew, I realized more that treats and gifts were just the beginning. This aunt had supplied school clothes and new shoes, took me in whenever mom had to be elsewhere, and generally cared for me as if I were her own. Of course I had my own mom, so the word "mother" wasn't something I would've used in reference to her, but she was certainly much more than an aunt. So much so, that in a silly, juvenile argument with siblings over who was our favorite parent, my little sister carefully decided, "Aunt Mary."

My relationship with my aunt was so unique and special, I never expected to find it mirrored elsewhere. And yet, as my son grows, I see that he, too, is surrounded by loving, nurturing women who care for him as their own. He's still too young to recognize the extent of their care, though he's awfully excited by presents and treats in the mail (just the way I was when young). But they also offer much more- supplementing when pediatrician bills are overwhelming, tucking necessities into those packages of gifts, expressing concern for his health and growth, and providing much needed advice and emotional support for his exhausted mama.

These women treat him with the same loving attention they'd give their own. He's a very, very lucky boy to have so many to honor on Mother's Day.

Liz Moorhead

Liz Moorhead is an English teacher-turned-writer and illustrator. She paints stationery, writes for a top wedding site, and blogs at Happy Sighs between walks to the park with her two boys.