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Vermont State House

There is something a bit magical about the place where we live. We like to think it's not just the beautiful mountains that give the Green Mountain State its nickname, but also our progressive approach to environmental conservation. From thoughtful zoning and land use policies, to our landmark legislation banning billboards, Vermont has helped to ensure that future generations will also enjoy the incredible natural beauty our state offers us today. We are proud to call Vermont our home, and to draw upon its natural beauty as an inspiration for our products.


And we are proud of our little state for doing the right thing once again. Last week, Vermont's governor signed a new law H.485 (pdf) that will ultimately move our state toward universal recycling and composting. Currently only 36 percent of waste in the state is recycled, a little higher than the national average, but still woefully low. And it's not just that our landfills are overcrowded, but that we are throwing away valuable resources that could be recycled or reused. There is real value in what we currently trash. This new legislation will help divert valuable waste that can be recycled and composted, while reducing the burdens on our overcrowded landfills.


So thanks, Vermont. We are proud of you. And if you'd like to learn more about recycling and composting, visit VPIRG.


photo: Decumanus