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I have tried to live a sustainable lifestyle for the last twenty five years. I started my quest to be the best “green mom” I could be when my oldest daughter was born. What gives me the greatest pleasure, as I look back over the years, is meeting young women who have the passion to help educate their contemporaries about healthy, sustainable lifestyles.


My daughter recently introduced me to Erin Schrode, a friend of hers and the co-founder and spokesperson of a growing organization called Teens Turning Green (TTG). The national, non-profit organization is devoted to education and advocacy around environmentally and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools, and communities. When Erin was still a young teenager she began to notice the environmental impact of toxic chemicals in products in her home and school. She created a student-led movement which seeks to promote global sustainability by identifying and eliminating toxic exposure. Erin’s activism has led to TTG chapters around the country.


Today, Erin is a busy college student who manages to stay on top of new and innovative approaches to engage students. She has created Project Green Prom, Project Green Dorm and Project Lunch – all with the goal of creating a nation of young citizens who will lead the future charge of maintaining a sustainable planet.


Meeting people like Erin affirms my belief that teaching our children how to take care of themselves, their communities, and their planet is the best way for us to live.


If you have teens at home, getting them engaged in the terrific programs that TTG has will be a lifetime bonus for all of us.

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Sheila Hollender likes to blog about the environment and health issues.