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Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Packets

Made to Matter is helping Target set itself apart as a destination for wellness, thanks to developing new partnerships with purpose-driven brands. Launched in 2014, Made to Matter focuses on making baby, personal care, beauty, cleaning, health, and food products more accessible to customers. Made to Matter makes it easy for Target's guests to find better-for-you options from companies dedicated to making natural, organic, and sustainable products.

Powder Laundry Packs Selected for Target's 2016 Made to Matter Collection

Seventh Generation is one of 20 leading brands participating in the "Made to Matter ­­—Handpicked by Target" product collection. Our new powder laundry packs, which hit store shelves in 2016, are the latest addition to Target's collection.

Seventh Generation Powdered Laundry Packs

Seventh Generation set out to make laundry packs in response to consumers’ interest in a convenient form of laundry detergent. However, due to the rise in acute health incidents involving children accidentally ingesting liquid laundry packets, Seventh Generation decided to make a powdered laundry pack instead. The powdered packs are easy to use and effective, and their neutral color is intended to make them less appealing to children. In addition, the powdered form is seemingly harder for a child to swallow.

Our powdered laundry packs received the EPA Safer Choice certification and is a USDA-certified bio-based product. Using quadruple-enzyme powder to remove stains, the packs are available in Citrus & Cedar scent and Free & Clear. The Citrus & Cedar laundry packs are the only Made to Matter product that are exclusive to Target.

A Selective Process

While the collection was launched two years ago, Target narrowed down the Made to Matter offerings in 2016 to keep the program more focused and selective.

Target's collection features about 100 products from 20 different purpose driven brands, like Seventh Generation, and uses stringent criteria for selection. Five products from Seventh Generation are in the Made to Matter collection this year, including the Citrus & Cedar and Free & Clear powder laundry packs and three baby personal care items.

Brands must meet a specific set of standards to guarantee that all products within the Made to Matter assortment are relevant to guests and friendly to the environment.

In the 2016 lineup, brands had to meet one of five criteria: reduced waste or packaging, closed loop systems, clean label, dietary/allergen restrictions, and reduced sugar.

Our laundry packs were selected for Made to Matter based on the following criteria:

Clean Label
Our packs were formulated to avoid chronically toxic ingredients and persistent, bio-accumulating toxics (PBTs) while performing comparably to conventional laundry detergents.

Closed Loop
The laundry packs are USDA Certified Biobased Products (94%) and are also readily biodegradable. Simply put, wherever we were able to, we chose ingredients from plant-based, instead of synthetic or petroleum-based, sources.

Reduced Packaging or Waste
This is the first pouch on the market that is 100% recyclable (drop them off along with your regular plastic bag recycling!). The stand-up pouch weighs 15.8 grams and delivers 45 loads, compared to a 50 oz. liquid laundry bottle that weighs 110 grams and delivers 33 loads.

The next time you're at Target, look for Seventh Generation powder laundry packs in the Made to Matter collection.

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