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Organic Cotton Tampon Package

Our daughters are growing up fast.  Many of them start puberty as early as nine or ten and we need to be ready to talk to them about the changes happening to their bodies. 

My two daughters squirmed when I started the conversation about menstruation. But after a few minutes they were full of questions -- not only about their periods but about boys and sex, so get ready!  The conversation also included a review of the different kinds of feminine care products available to them.  We talked about tampons, pads, pantiliners, menstrual cups, and reusable pads.

Not surprisingly, at first both girls wanted to buy the tampons and pads that came in the prettiest package.  This was the opening I was looking for -- teaching my daughters to think about what's inside the products they use and not just choosing the one with the nicest wrapper. We discussed the reasons why you might want to use tampons that had been made with 100% organic cotton, pads and pantiliners made without dyes and fragrances. I pointed them to the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics for more information.  There are great organic feminine care options on the market today.  Seventh Generation has a complete line of organic cotton tampons and sanitary pads bleached without chlorine

Please share your stories with us and help all of us have the best conversations we can have! We would love to hear your stories on talking to your daughters about feminine care on our social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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