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Muddy Boots in Mudroom

Spring is officially here – and as the days get warmer, many of us start spending as much time as we can outdoors. Whether you’re tackling yard work, tending to your garden or taking in a little-league game, your mudroom will be the first place in your home to catch those spring messes. Get it ready – and keep it clean – with these spring-cleaning tips: 

  • Get it organized: Start by giving your mudroom a thorough look-over and remove any clutter. Group like items together, create storage areas and donate any winter clothes that may have seen their last snow season. 
  • Wipe it all down: Use an all-purpose cleaner or disinfecting spray to wipe down shelves, storage systems, door handles and baseboards. Look for areas of the walls that may need cleaning, too, and use a drop or two of dish liquid added to water to gently wipe away scuffs and stains. 
  • Add a fresh coat of paint: Let’s face it - mudrooms can get messy with each season change (and outdoor elements that come with it.) If a wall scrub just won’t do, spring is the perfect time for a fresh coat of paint. Go for a VOC-free brand and let open windows freshen up the space even more! 
  • Add a doormat (or two!): Doormats are great for catching dirt and germs from your shoes before they enter your home. Have one placed inside or outside of your door – or even in both areas! 
  • Hooks for hanging: If you don’t already have them, adding hooks to your mudroom is an easy way to keep jackets and bags organized and off of shelves (or the floor). Utilizing wall space will also allow for more space to store other items throughout the room. 

Happy cleaning!

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