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blog - spring cleaning kitchen

With the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables spring brings with its arrival, the season is the perfect time for getting in the kitchen! Before you start crafting new meals and entertaining friends and family, give your kitchen a deep clean with these spring-cleaning tips: 

  •  Freshen up your fridge, freezer and pantry: Spend some time sorting through your refrigerator and pantry ñ checking expiration dates, removing old food and organizing what is left. To clean shelves and bins, set food aside and wipe surfaces down with an all purpose cleaner.
  •  Clean and polish appliances: Focus on giving your oven, range, microwave and dishwasher a full clean. Clean your oven without harsh fumes, wipe down stainless steel using a microfiber towel and give your microwave a good scrub ñ inside and out. 
  • Make your sink sparkle: Our kitchen sinks see lots of cleaning action, but taking the time to clean the sink itself is easy to forget. Spray your sink down with an all purpose cleaner and scrub grime away with a brush. For those areas needing a little more elbow grease, add a sprinkle of baking soda to provide a gentle abrasive while scrubbing. 
  •  Organize storage drawers: When it comes to organization, drawers can be easy to forget ñ out of sight, out of mind! Remove all of your items and determine what you can keep and what you can donate (or set aside in storage.) Clean the drawers and drawer organizers with warm, soapy water. Once completely dry, return items, grouping similar ones together. 
  • Scrub cabinets and hardware: For wood cabinets, spray the surface with a gentle wood cleaner and wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Give hardware a quick clean using an all purpose cleaner

Once you tackle your kitchen spring-cleaning list, youíll be ready to celebrate the season by cooking and sharing meals with loved ones.

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