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I don’t often have very specific requests for holidays - maybe because my husband always does a great job of finding something thoughtful to do for me. But this year, I have a detailed list of hopes. This year for Mother’s Day, I’d like:

  • Photos of me with my kids. In all of my Instagramming of these two little guys, I’m always on the other side of the camera. I’d like some candid shots of us happily moving through our day together, so they have reminders of what it all was like once they’re grown. (Even if I think they’re unflattering.)
  • A day out together as a family. Perhaps some place new. Or maybe to an old favorite. But, without the weight of logistics on my shoulders- no packing the diaper bag or worrying that we’re running late. Take care of the planning so I can just enjoy our time together.
  • A reminder of how small they are right this minute. If you were planning to skip on that homemade card, don’t! Or the store bought card that he picked out himself, or the handprints on construction paper, or the project made of clothespins and tissue paper. These two won’t always be this small, and I’d like to save bits to remember.
  • Fun without the mess. I sometimes avoid the most fun projects because of the mandatory clean-up. Let me bake or finger paint or otherwise recklessly enjoy their enthusiastic mess-making, and handle the aftermath for me.
  • Snuggles. Quickly, before they outgrow them.
  • And maybe a little space to myself. (Just being realistic.)

About Liz Moorhead
Liz Moorhead is a high school teacher turned work-from-home mom. An illustrator and writer, she blogs for a top wedding site and shares her own personal experiences on her blog Happy Sighs in between walks to the park with her toddler son - all just outside of Philadelphia.

Liz Moorhead

Liz Moorhead is an English teacher-turned-writer and illustrator. She paints stationery, writes for a top wedding site, and blogs at Happy Sighs between walks to the park with her two boys.