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Wedding Rings in a nest

You're engaged! Congratulations! As you start planning your wedding, you'll have a lot of choices to make. We've got some great ideas to make your wedding not only a reflection of the love you have for your partner but also a reflection of your commitment to living green. Keep it simple and stay grounded when planning gets hectic with these tips and must-haves for an eco-friendly (and stress-free!) wedding.

Starting early in your quest for an eco-friendly ceremony really helps de-stress the entire process. The right resources can help you decide everything from what you and your guests will eat, to what you wear. Rings are often the first thing on our minds as we head toward the big day, and seeking out conflict-free diamonds an eco-must.

Because wedding attire is one of the most visible elements of your ceremony, it's also a perfect jumping off point. You can say "yes" to the dress while still keeping the planet and the safety and health of clothing workers in mind. Look for Fair Trade Certification in fabric and manufacturing when you choose dresses and suits for yourself and your wedding party. This Vermont dress maker uses all-natural fibers and works out of her solar-powered studio to create your ideal gown.

Finding the right wedding caterer who shares your love of local and seasonal food is the fun part – bring on the tastings! Ask your local co-op for recommendations, locate slow food movement resources in your area through, or find a chef who has pop-up restaurant experience to staff your reception.

One of the simplest ways to green your wedding is to ask your guests to carpool to the location or rent a bus for total convenience. You'll save emissions, time and guests' energy, which they'll need to properly celebrate your nuptials.

Your flower arrangements are another ideal piece of wedding day happiness that can be simple and eco-friendly. You can seek out local, in-season flowers, or look for Fair Trade flowers grown without pesticides. Exotic flowers that are out of season have to be flown in, giving a tiny bud a huge carbon footprint! Choosing live, plant-able flowers like succulents is another beautiful way to create a memory that lasts. After the ceremony, plant them nearby. Then pay them a visit in one year. You’ll be amazed to see how they've grown. 

Are you planning an eco-friendly wedding? What tips are you using that we didn't include here? 

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