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Seventh Generation has a proud history of partnering with non-profit organizations that focus on health education for women and girls around the world. One of our partners in this endeavor is Sustainable Health Enterprises, or SHE.

This micro lending program in Rwanda helps women start businesses that manufacture low-cost sanitary pads made from discarded banana fibers. Conventional sanitary pads are expensive in Rwanda, and girls and women miss up to 50 days of school or work each year because they don't have access to menstrual supplies.

The SHE team was recently awarded the 2010 Curry Stone Design Prize. Elizabeth Scharpf, director and brainchild of SHE, was up against engineers, architects, and designers for this prestigious award. It speaks volumes that educating and empowering women can lead to a healthier economy.

Join the she28 campaign to raise $28,000. SHE believes that a girl's life does not have to stop every 28 days because of her menstrual cycle. Missing up to 50 days of school or work is not only a "blood cost" to women and girls, but to their families, communities, and nations as a whole. Help change an economy -- be a part of the solution!

To learn more about Seventh Generation's efforts in feminine care, visit

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