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Our Products Are Safe
Seventh Generation does not formulate products with any of the asthma-associated or endocrine disrupting substances identified by the Silent Spring Institute in their recent study.  Nor do we use ingredients that might reasonably contain trace levels of these substances.

We were surprised that Silent Spring Institute found even trace levels of two of these substances in three of the six Seventh Generation products they tested.  Although the levels of monoethanolamine (MEA) and nonylphenoxy diethoxylate (NPE) were reported at part-per-million levels, they should not be there at all.   We do not intentionally put these substances in our products and we will undertake the necessary work to determine if, in fact, trace levels of these ingredients are present in our products, and if they are, we will take all appropriate actions, including examining our supply chain, to eliminate them from our products.

About Monoethanolamine (MEA) and Nonylphenoxy Diethoxylate (NPE)
We do not use MEA and NPE.  Some other makers of cleaning products do intentionally use monoethanolamine and nonylphenol diethoxylate as key ingredients in their formulations. Both MEA and NPE are derived from petroleum. At Seventh Generation we choose to use plant-derived ingredients such as glycerin and surfactants made from coconut and other plant oils.

Our Commitment to You
Silent Spring Institute recommends buying products made with plant-based ingredients that are not fragranced.  Seventh Generation is proud to offer home care and personal care products that are USDA Certified Biobased as having among the highest level of biobased content in their categories.  Seventh Generation also offers a line of Free & Clear products that have no added scents. For consumers who prefer scented products, we offer products scented exclusively with plant essential oils and botanical extracts.  We do not use any synthetic fragrances or fragrance additives.

Finally, Silent Spring Institute recommends consumers look for ingredient lists on the products they buy.  For nearly 25 years, Seventh Generation has championed the consumer's right to know what is and what isn't in the products they buy. We have listed ingredients on our home care products since we began making them in 1990 and we've been a strong advocate for industry ingredient disclosure.
For more information about our products and the ingredients we use, visit our website,

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