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Here at Seventh Generation we’re committed to caring for the next seven generations, and we support other organizations who do the same! That’s why we created the Seventh Generation Foundation in 2012 – to help fund non-profit organizations that promote and improve environmental conservation, the sustainable use of natural resources, and human health and social welfare.

Our Foundation conducts two separate programs: the Sustainability Grantmaking Program and the Community Grantmaking Program. The Vermont Community Building Program focuses on Vermont-based non-profits that work to help future generations thrive through education, human and environmental health.

This year we partnered with ten organizations that we feel are creating safe and healthy environments for youth to live, learn, play and grow. Here are the first seven:

Organization: Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center

Project: Floating Classroom

Summary: The Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center’s Floating Classroom program uses local science and experiential learning to engage students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Lake Champlain is a platform for discovery and learning. Teachers choose from a variety of topics that are taught on shore and then enhanced with sailing lessons.


Organization: King Street Center

Project: Castle Camp

Summary: Castle Camp is a summer enrichment day camp that provides full day activities for low-income children in kindergarten through fifth grade. The program operates with a focus on core elements such as circle meetings, tennis, literacy boosts, and meals, but children are also able to choose from a wide range of activities based on their own personal interests and needs. Aside from these lessons, Castle Camp also provides children with essential nutrition each day.


Organization: Navicate

Project: LEAD IN (Leadership and Intern Program for Young Women)

Summary: LEAD IN gives Vermont young women ages 16 to 20 the opportunity to explore non-traditional career fields, build a professional network and community of supportive peers, and experience a hands-on internship in a career field of their interest.


Organization: ReSOURCE

Project: ReSOURCE Essential Goods

Summary: This program works with partner agencies to offer essential goods and services to disadvantaged families in Vermont, including computers. The goal is to provide children with a powerful education tool and parents with the means for obtaining gainful employment. Computers are donated from local businesses, and ReSOURCE clears the hard drives, refurbishes hardware, and loads licensed versions of essential software.


Organization: The Sustainability Academy

Project: The Treehouse Project

Summary: The Treehouse is a part of the Sustainability Academy’s four-year Schoolyard Transformation effort, which plays a key role in creating a vibrant and innovative campus that models sustainability and has abundant opportunities for outdoor learning, food cultivation, creative and collaborative play and community gatherings. The Treehouse is meant to preserve the health of two trees on the school’s property, as well as engage students in the planning and design process.


Organization: Spectrum Youth and Family Services

Project: Drop-In Center

Summary: The downtown Burlington Drop-In Center aims to meet the most basic needs of youth age 14-24 struggling to get by. The Center provides food, safety, clothing and connection to community resources. Youth are not required to give out names or any personal information, but can use this low-barrier intervention as means for a meal, shower, or winter coat. The Drop-In Center also serves as a home base for job-seeking youth, who can use the Center’s address to receive mail, use a telephone, and access the Internet. Staff also helps youth write resumes and prepare job applications.


Organization: VT Foodbank

Project: Backpack Program

Summary: The Vermont Foodbank Backpack Program works to alleviate the hunger and poor nutrition that 1 in 5 Vermont children are experiencing each day. While schools can be relied on to provide meals for children during the week, the children are still left without reliable food sources over the weekend. The Backpack Program strives to fill this gap, by providing low-income children across the state with food for weekends and vacations, when the free and reduced price meals they rely on are not available.


Organization: Vermont Works for Women

Project: Vermont Works for Women Girls’ Programs

Summary: Vermont Works for Women runs two girls’ programs: Dirt Divas and Rosie’s Girls. Together, these programs serve 130 girls ages 11-16 throughout the summer. The innovative programs use math, science, power tools and mountain bikes to transform girls’ ideas of what they are capable of, and to inspire them to dream big and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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