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Hi. I’m Mike the Tree, and I’m here on behalf of my communitree. We trees have been out here making the planet a happier, healthier place for a long time. But you know what has been bumming us out? Toilet paper. Trees produce oxygen, soak up extra CO2, and give your favorite birds and woodland critters a cozy place to crash. And we look mighty fine while doing it. I say the more trees our planet has, the better off our planet will be.

Trees & Bees Mike Sign

That’s why I’m so down with recycled toilet paper. It keeps more of my tree friends in parks, forests, and backyards where we belong. I’m also down with companies that make TP with recycled paper, like my friends over at Seventh Generation. They’ve been in the game for thirty years and standing up for a healthy future every step of the way. Their 100% recycled toilet paper (minimum 50% post-consumer recycled) does what it’s supposed to do with your doo-doo when you need it to do it, and it’s less wasteful. Word. But hey, don’t take it from me, their TP just got an A sustainability rating from the smart people at Natural Resource Defense Council.

For too long, trees have been acting as everybody’s bathroom clean-up crew. It’s time to branch out. Recycled toilet paper that uses post-consumer recycled paper is less wasteful than those virgin paper alternatives, so it’s good for trees, air, water—and your butt’s conscience. Choose a toilet paper product that is made with recycled materials!


Trees & Bees Root In Mike the Tree Sign

It's time more people know, love and use recycled TP so we trees rallied together to spread the word. Check out my Twitter and Instagram to see more from our Root-In in Grand Central Station. So many tree friends came through to show support and pledge to #SaveaTreeSwapTP!

Our communitree doesn’t want to stand alone and we need you to step up. How? Start wiping your butt with recycled toilet paper, that’s how!

Do good, save wood.

– @MiketheTree