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Rise For Climate Recap

This past Saturday, Sept 8th, passionate people across the country came out to Rise for Climate, joining a global day of action that was created to inspire grassroots leadership and legislative change towards renewable energy. Seventh Generation was proud to be there, both with our neighbors in our home state of Vermont and with the over 30,000 activists that took to the streets in San Francisco, California to stand up for clean energy. These climate rallies hope to inspire others to consider renewable energy solutions for their respective cities.

 At Seventh Generation, we’re committed to the long-term health of people and planet, which is why we’ve joined forces with The Sierra Club in the Ready for 100 Campaign, which is inspiring cities everywhere to switch to 100% clean, renewable energy to help decrease our impact on climate change. Over 80 cities have already taken the pledge, and more are joining every day.

Rise for Climate 2018 Rally in Montpelier

The Vermont event took place on the State House lawn in Montpelier, Vermont.

Person holding sign at Climate Justice in Montpelier
Climate Justice Vermont 2018 Rise for Climate Seventh Generation employee Ashley  and friend
Climate Justice 2018 Vermont Rise for Climate Seventh Generation employees

Friends and families from Seventh Generation gathered with our neighbors at Ben and Jerrys, as well as other passionate members of the Vermont community, to show our support for combatting climate change and building a clean energy future.

Children making signs 2018 Climate Justice in Montpelier VT Rise for Climate
Child holding sign at Rise for Climate 2018 Vermont Rally

The event was one for all ages, with families – and even some dogs – joining in on the fun. One of the most inspiring things was to see the next generation out experiencing this kind of climate activism first hand.

Climate Justice VT Rise for Climate 2018 Seventh Generation Employee: Ashley

Our own Ashley Orgain, head of Mission and Advocacy, spoke about Seventh Generation’s commitment to renewable resources and the path towards a clean energy future. She spoke to her and Seventh Generation’s belief that “the biggest impact is going to come from systemic solutions to create a cleaner, healthier, brighter future. Moving away from the use of dirty fossil fuels, and towards clean, renewable energy.”

People holding signs at the Climate Justice San Francisco Rally 2018

In San Francisco, Seventh Generation joined friends from the Sierra Club and Climate Parents in what was the largest climate rally the West Coast has ever seen.

Rise for Climate 2018 San Francisco Rally

Over 30,000 attendees met at Embarcadero Plaza and marched through downtown San Francisco.

Mom and Kids at Climate Justice San Francisco Rally

Climate activist and Director and co-founder of Climate Parents, Lisa Hoyos, was there leading her organization with her two sons Kai and Cruz. Climate Parents is an organization dedicated to advocating for solutions to help reduce the impact of the effects of climate change on our environment and wellbeing.

Rise for Climate 2018 in San Francisco Rally
Rise for Climate 2018 San Francisco Rally
Climate Parents at Climate Justice in San Francisco Rally
Making signs at Climate Justice San Francisco Rally
People holding signs at the Climate Justice San Francisco Rally 2018
Rise for Climate 2018 in San Francisco Rally
Rise for Climate 2018 in San Francisco Rally
Rise for Climate 2018 San Francisco Rally
Rise for Climate 2018 San Francisco Rally

The march ended at the San Francisco Civic Center where artists and children were invited to contribute to a large street mural made with charcoal from surrounding California areas affected by the wildfires. 

 Rise for Climate is an important and inspiring step forward, though we know there’s a lot of work to be done to achieve the clean energy future we seek—and that so many are fighting for. A broad shift to renewable energy will make a huge difference to the health of our climate, our communities, and most importantly—our children. Now, and for generations to come.

 Join us, and the over 80 other cities in the US, by raising your voice. Tell your local leaders that you and your city are ready for 100% renewable energy.

Hands holding Commit to Clean sign
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