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Bathroom sink  with plant in backround

Moving inspires fresh starts and often, a desire to renew and refresh your home decor. I like decorating, but I don't like filling my house with lots of clutter. Yet every time I want to redecorate a little, I find myself buying yet more stuff, whether it's a new knickknack or end table. And I also don't like the price tag that can come with redecorating.

Luckily there are inexpensive and environmentally friendly ways to add new spice to a room, whether it's hitting thrift stores or finding inspiration in your own backyard. Here are three tips:

1. "Shop your home": Before going to the store to buy something new, look around your home and see what can be better used somewhere else. "I always tell people to shop their home first," says Paula Daher, principal of Boston-based Daher Interior Design. "Look around your attic, basement, and even other rooms for pieces that might have a better life somewhere else." Ask yourself questions about everything: Would the bookcase in your living room look better in the kitchen? Is the painting in your bedroom better suited to the bathroom?

2.  Paint: There's no cheaper or quicker way to revamp a room than with a new wall color. Plus, choosing a color that compliments your existing décor eliminates the need to redecorate totally. Also consider painting furniture to give old pieces new life and make them feel new. In addition to being easy and inexpensive, paint can also be environmentally friendly, thanks to new formulations. Look for brands with low or zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Some brands might also have eco-friendly certifications from organizations like Green Seal and Ecolabel.

3. Go out into nature: Pretty home décor can be found everywhere from the beach, to your backyard, to the side of the road. Fill mason jars with wildflowers from the side of the road; gather a few handfuls of shells from the beach to display in a clear vase in your bathroom; or pile smooth stones into a pretty vintage bowl on the coffee table. For the holidays, try twisting bittersweet vines into a wreath. Dab pinecones with a bit of glue inside the leaves, sprinkle them with a touch of cinnamon, and put them in a basket.

Do you decorate with nature in your home?  

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Alex is a freelance lifestyle writer and sometimes-blogger. She loves spending time with her husband and five-year-old daughter, who are always willing to sample her kitchen successes (homemade taco seasoning) and failures (homemade mozzarella). She also loves to write, travel, cook, eat, and laugh loudly with friends.