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Minneola, tangelos, blood oranges, red navels, grapefruits...February begins the citrus season, and biting into a delicious citrus variety this time of year is a nice taste of sunshine. This recipe is a citrus salad, so feel free to mix varieties or substitute a different type of orange. Have for this salad for lunch or serve as side dish. Even better, make tiny pancakes and with a spoonful of the salad on top it becomes a great finger food or tapas.

(serves approximately 4) Components: 5 oranges 1/2 lemon 1 tsp coriander seeds 5 tbs pepitas (pumpkin seeds) pinch of salt

Creation: 1. Slice the oranges into quarters and remove the skins and seeds. 2. Dice oranges into small pieces and place in a bowl. 3. Squeeze half a lemon onto the oranges. 4. Crush or grind coriander seeds in a mortar and pestle or grinder and sprinkle over oranges. 5. In a pan toast pepitas until slightly brown and popping in the pan. Keep an eye on them as they may burn easily. 6. Sprinkle toasted pepitas over oranges. 7. Add pinch of salt and stir all ingredients so that everything is evenly mixed.

About Andrea Todd

Home chef Andrea Todd has been learning by experimenting and trying new foods and combinations in the kitchen for years. She loves to share ideas and tips, and sticks to simple recipes that taste good, are seasonal and easy to make, and locally grown.

Sharing is an integral part of Andrea’s food philosophy. Whether through a meal in her kitchen with one friend or a community cooking event with 30, she finds the shared experience of food inspiring. The recipes she creates are starting points, designed to be replicated, expanded, or revised as you like. Enjoy!

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Andrea writes blog articles for Seventh Generation.