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We are at an important moment in time. The disaster unfolding in the Gulf will have profound impacts on generations of coastal communities, and threatens to destroy fragile ecosystems and species. The question for our country is, what will we learn and how will we react to this slow motion disaster? One option would be to tighten regulation on offshore oil producers and cross our fingers that this does not happen again. A more hopeful strategy would be to take a systemic approach that gets at the underlying problem: America is addicted to oil. The good news is that legislation was recently introduced in the United States Senate that would fundamentally change the focus of our nation's energy policy. Called the American Power Act, the legislation would for the first time place a price on carbon, and begin to move us away from our reliance on fossil fuels. While the legislation is less than perfect, it would set us on an important path toward a new, clean energy future. But the outlook for this legislation is less than certain, which is why we are reaching out to our community. Our partners in BICEP (Businesses for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy) have created a new online tool that allows you to send a message to our Senators and President Obama on this issue. I hope you will join us by clicking on this link We have an extraordinary opportunity to use the tragedy currently unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico to take an important step forward toward a clean energy future. A future that will make America the leader in the race to develop new green technology, create millions of jobs, and protect our environment for future generations. photo: USFWS/Southeast/External Affairs