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For 28 years we have been inspired by the wisdom of those who came before for us, and have adopted the guiding philosophy that in our every deliberation we consider the impact of our decisions on the next Seven Generations. In our pursuit of this vision, there have been times where the world has made great progress. Perhaps more often, there have been great challenges and moments of uncertainty. This week, it seems, we have reached one of our greatest divides. The shift in power has placed our collective efforts to combat climate change, protect the environment, and advance social justice at risk.

And yet despite this moment, we at Seventh Generation are fueled by hope.  Each time a global challenge to our environment and social justice has been threatened, our society has found power in working together to make change. In raising our collective voice to protect the vulnerable – the Earth and all those who live on it – we have seen that there can be progress.

It is now – perhaps more than ever before – imperative that we remain focused on the long view and on the generations to come. However you felt about this election, an unwillingness to accept or address changes in our climate is a dangerous and unrealistic position. Intolerance, racism and attacks on people’s beliefs must be eradicated as we are all rightful citizens of planet Earth. 

At Seventh Generation, we are prepared to work harder than ever to ensure that the issues that matter are moved forward, not backwards. We’re committed, frankly, because we know that before things get better they will likely get worse. At this point in time, all we can do is come together and be fueled by our conviction that fighting for what’s right is always worth it.

We reaffirm our commitment and we invite you to do the same. We will continue to address climate change, to conserve natural resources, and to create a just and equitable society for all.  You can count on us to continue to actively participate in our democracy, and to loudly stand up for our values and our beliefs. 

In service of the next seven generations,

The Seventh Generation Team

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