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Ashley and John in Sacramento

For the last five years I’ve had the honor of leading Seventh Generation’s issue advocacy.

As a mother, I have a lot of hope that the role we play as a company, calling for progressing policies to put a price on carbon pollution and reform outdated chemical safety laws, will leave the world a better place for my son and children everywhere. 

Central to our work for the last 4 years has been a campaign to reduce the exposure to toxic chemicals that impact human health. We’ve walked the halls of Congress and statehouse’s across the country advocating for strict chemical safety laws. On June 22, President Obama signed the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act. The bill  was our best shot at setting national standards for testing chemicals for their impact on human health and the environment before they entered the marketplace. I wish we could claim victory, however the bill falls short of protecting human health. Our friends at Safer Chemicals Healthy Families have done a tremendous job summarizing the bill.

We are not closing the chapter on this fight. In fact, our work is far from over.

Many of chemicals in products we use in our homes and around our families are not listed on the label. That’s why we’ve redirected our passion prioritizing your right to know what’s in the products you buy. In January, we hosted a rally of mothers, janitorial workers, NGO’s and progressive business on the Statehouse steps in California, kicking off our #comeclean campaign calling on legislators to require cleaning products to fully list ingredients they contain on their label and online. We were back in Sacramento on Thursday, joined by a powerful team of brands that are in business for the greater good, including Beautycounter, the Honest Company, Dr. Bronners, Makes3 and others. The team met with 20 different legislative offices and had 1 simple message: Consumers have a right to know what’s in the products they bring into their home. Honoring this fundamental right to know is the right thing to do, and if companies are afraid of telling people what they’re really buying, they probably shouldn’t be selling it. 

Join us in calling on all companies to #comeclean. Contact your representative and let them know you have a right to know what’s in the products you buy. 

Ashley in Washington D.C.

Ashley Orgain is Seventh Generation's Director of Mission Advocacy & Outreach and mom to an active 5 year old. She's also the President of the Seventh Generation Foundation and passionately believes that business can be a force for good in the world. When she's not advocating for her community, she can be found playing hide and seek, bike riding around Burlington or enjoying local food.