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Child with Pencils

Recently we asked you to share your eco-friendly tips for sending kids off to college and back to school. Here's what you recommended: 

Tops on most lists were reusable options for lunch sacks, water bottles, and snack bags.

Angie Scharnhorst and a few others suggest buying food for lunch and snack in bulk, locally when possible.

Lots of folks walk or bike their kids to school, and many carpool.

Freya Front Roe tells us that her little sister is "ecstatic" about a school bag purchased from a secondhand shop, along with hand-me-downs from her older sister.

Nicole Lopez advised buying recycled paper and refillable pens.

Michelle Cannon and several other home-schoolers pointed out that they use only non-toxic, all-natural cleaners in their schoolrooms.

Kristin Johnson and other teachers recommend reusable and recycled supplies for lunch and in the classroom.

And several folks said they were sending their college students off to their dorms with bottles of Seventh Generation Natural 2X Liquid Laundry Detergent.

Thank you, Nation, for all your great suggestions!

photo: D Sharon Pruitt

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