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People Building a Stonewall

Seventh Generation staffers "abandoned" the office in Burlington this past Wednesday for a day of volunteering at camp TaKumTa in South Hero. The group of 60+ volunteers tackled everything from fire pit building to painting as they helped ready the camp for its 2012 season.

Founded in 1984, Camp Ta-Kum-Ta was established through the efforts of Ted and Debby Kessler to recreate the mind and body healing experiences their son, Todd, had received at a cancer camp in New York State.

Each year Camp Ta-Kum-Ta tries to squeeze in as many life experiences and memories as possible into one magical week. Along with traditional camp activities such as swimming, athletics, ropes course, and arts & crafts, Ta-Kum-Ta offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as rock climbing expeditions, hot-air balloon rides, formal dances, and lake cruises.

Camp Ta-Kum-Ta is independent and self-sustaining, financed completely through private donations and fundraising. With an all-volunteer staff, Camp Ta-Kum-Ta accepts all of its children tuition-free.

Camp Ta-Kum-Ta is supported by the passion of hundreds of volunteers each year, and Seventh Generation is honored to be among them.

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People digging a ditch
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