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There are so many ways to enjoy beets throughout the year--fresh from the ground with leafy tops and tender roots, or in mid-winter as the hardy roots store well in the cold and are often central components to winter CSA's. This recipe and variations utilizes the root. The sweet and earthy root is nicely balanced with the salty feta, and the greens just make it look and taste good. I love how the feta turns bright pink!

Beet Salad with Feta and Greens
(approximately 2 servings)

This is delicious warm or cold.

3 medium sized beets
3 tbs crumbled feta cheese
1 tbs feta brine
2 cups fresh greens (sprouted seeds, baby greens, baby spinach, or arugula)
Optional: 1 tbs olive or walnut oil

1. Cover beets in a pot of water - use enough water to cover an inch above the tops.
2. Boil in water for 30-40 minutes, checking occasionally for tenderness and to make sure the water is still covering the beets.
3. Remove hot beets and put into bowl of water to remove the skins--they will come off easily with your fingers. Be prepared for your fingers to temporarily turn pink. Save beet water.*
4. Cut beets into cubes/chunks and place in a bowl.
5. Add feta and brine.
6. Add fresh greens and mix to evenly distribute ingredients.
7. Optional: integrate oil into the salad if you'd like it to be dressed more.

*Beet water is a great for other uses: frozen treats, dye or broth. Pour liquid into mason jars, leaving 1-2 inches space at the top and freeze for another day.

About Andrea Todd
Home chef Andrea Todd has been learning by experimenting and trying new foods and combinations in the kitchen for years. She loves to share ideas and tips, and sticks to simple recipes that taste good, are seasonal and easy to make, and locally grown.

Sharing is an integral part of Andrea's food philosophy. Whether through a meal in her kitchen with one friend or a community cooking event with 30, she finds the shared experience of food inspiring. The recipes she creates are starting points, designed to be replicated, expanded, or revised as you like. Enjoy!

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Andrea writes blog articles for Seventh Generation.