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In June, with a team of amazing men and women I will join the Breast Cancer Fund's Climb Against the Odds, an extraordinary mountain expedition and journey to raise money for breast cancer prevention. Last weekend I took a mountaineering class led by Mooney Mountain Guides on Mount Washington.I was accompanied by three ladies associated with the Breast Cancer fund, two climbers, and the North East Climb Instructor. Two of the ladies, Beth and Betsy, live in New Hampshire and Cadie, a fellow climber, flew up from North Carolina to join us. Betsy is 58 years old and just finished treatment for breast cancer last year. Cadie is 38, like me. She lost her leg last year due to complications from pneumonia. We met in a lodge the evening before the climb and when Cadie walked through the door I had no idea how she would climb up Mt Washington , never mind Mt Shasta. Soon after talking with her, I instantly realized that this woman was a warrior, with a fiery spirit, abundant optimism, and incredible determination. The next morning we drove to the mountain and parked our cars near the entry to the trail head. It was blocked by a 10 foot pile of icy, plowed, snowy, frozen, nastiness . It was not that easy to get over and everyone was a bit uncertain how Cadie would manage. What I saw was incredible. It was unstoppable will and yes, she got over it, not without challenges but as a team we climbed Mt Washington that day and it is a day I will never forget. I wore crampons for the first time, learned how to use and ice ax, and roped up my team. I was reminded of the importance of working together. Those lessons are important and they will ensure that I know what I'm doing when I climb Mt Shasta but my takeaway was a life lesson. There is not a mountain out there that can't be conquered with heart, will, and determination. Please support me in the Climb Against the Odds and the efforts of the Breast Cancer Fund to eradicate this disease by making a donation here. Mt Shasta we're coming to get you! (scroll down).

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Juliet used to work at Seventh Generation.