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Dew on a Branch

Many of us know it firsthand: the chemicals in our environment are creating negative health consequences for us; from sensitivity to fumes and skin reactions, all the way to fertility issues and cancer. You can get rid of many chemicals of concern from your surroundings, but you also need to help your body rid itself of the built-up sludge.

It's important to know the keys to detoxification so you don't buy expensive "cleanses" that don't fully support your detoxification pathways. An effective detox program supports your three major systems of toxin elimination: colon, liver and lymphatic system.

Colon support:
The toxins your liver filters out of your blood are deposited with bile into your intestines. If things aren't moving speedily out, you increase your chances of reabsorbing toxins.

  • 1. Water:
    Think of washing your body from the inside out. You need water. Choose clean spring water or filtered water with no traces of chloramine, fluoride, etc. Aim to drink 1 oz of water for every 2 lbs of body weight, daily.
  • 2. Fiber:
    Fiber is essential for sweeping your colon and keeping it healthy. You need to significantly increase fiber from non-starchy vegetables, especially greens. A fiber supplement like psyllium or ground flax will also help colon cleansing without any laxative effect. Aim to have at least 2 bowel movements a day while on your detox.
  • 3. Eliminate non-foods, toxic foods and congesting foods:
    Sugar, refined starches, hydrogenated oils, cooked oils (especially canola, corn, soy, safflower) and artificial sweeteners, sodas, preservatives, etc., can wreak havoc on your intestinal flora. You must eliminate all of these during your cleanse to give your colon a chance to rebuild and clean out whatever muck your liver empties into your intestines.

Lymphatic system:
Most of the cellular waste is picked up by the lymph and drained into a vein under your collarbones.

  • 4. Enzymes:
    Enzymes from raw fruits and vegetables promote lymph flow and help reduce inflammation. When detoxing, you need a significant amount of raw foods. This is one reason why juicing vegetables is a powerful detoxification tool.
  • 5. Bodywork: Lymph is pumped throughout your body by the contraction of all of your muscles and through gentle massage or skin brushing. An effective detox should always instruct you on lymphatic drainage massage and/or skin brushing.

We'll discuss elements 6 through 10 in Part 2.

About Morella Devost, EdM, MA
Morella is a health coach who has been leading detox programs for the past seven years. Her passion for detoxification started as it does for most people: from personal experience. She found that the right foods, the right mindset and effective detoxification were essential to healing serious hormone issues, cystic acne and chronic allergies that had plagued her for nearly a decade. She now coaches people individually and in groups to help their bodies heal naturally through food, detoxification and healthy thoughts and emotions. She helps people everywhere in the world from her office in Winooski, VT. See her upcoming detox programs at:

Morella has created a special report on the recommended supplements for detoxification for Seventh Generation members. Visit here for your free copy.