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Seventh Generation has been a supporter of Sustainable Health Enterprise (SHE) through the company's corporate giving program, committing 10% of our profits to non-profit community, environmental, health, and responsible business organizations working for positive change. SHE is a perfect example.

SHE's founder, Elizabeth Scharpf, started her organization after learning that girls and women miss up to 50 days of school or work each year in Rwanda because they lack affordable sanitary protection. SHE's mission is to help local women jump-start their own businesses to manufacture and distribute affordable, quality, and eco-friendly sanitary pads.  SHE uses local materials to make sanitary pads.

We are happy to report that in 2010 SHE trained 50 Community Health Workers (CHW) in menstrual health and hygiene education; CHWs reached over 5,000 Rwandans and established new partnerships with school districts to adopt the curriculum in the classroom.

The SHE 28 campaign is aimed at keeping this work alive and keeping girls in school and women at work. Please join us in this goal by donating to SHE.

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Sheila B likes to write about women's issues and the environment.