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Children Working in the Lab

Nelson Mandela once said that, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nowhere is that more clear than at Seventh Generation where we've adopted a team of ten budding scientists from Burlington's Sustainability Academy.


Over the next year, these "Green Ambassadors" will visit Seventh Generation, the Philadelphia Zoo, and our manufacturing partner Twincraft Soap to learn about green chemistry, palm oil and how a little seed can be a big problem. 


They'll join us at Seventh Generation to find out how the principles of green chemistry drive scientists to choose renewable ingredients, like plants over petroleum. We'll help them discover why Seventh Generation's own principles lead us to choose renewable ingredients like sustainable palm oil. And we'll invite them to explore what happens to habitats, people and animals when companies don't use sustainable palm oil.


The Green Ambassadors will see those lessons come to life at the Philadelphia Zoo which is celebrating the Year of the Orangutan. After a night at the Zoo, sleeping in a magical tree house, they'll learn what rapidly expanding unsustainable palm oil plantations have done to the habitat of the orangutan and see firsthand why forest conservation is critical to saving this endangered great ape. 


Back at home in Vermont, the Green Ambassadors will tour Twincraft Soap to learn how bar soap is made and how Seventh Generation partners with Twincraft to produce the first-ever certified RSPO sustainable palm oil bar soap.


It's a busy year ahead for Seventh Generation's Green Ambassadors, and we've already seen their eager minds at work, discovering how  all living things are connected and how a company's decision to use a sustainable ingredient can impact the life of an animal on the other side of the planet. As young as they are, the Green Ambassadors stand to make an important difference in their school, their community, and their families as they share what they've learned about the importance of sustainable palm oil and the importance of every purchase decision, whether it's choosing one dish soap – or even one candy bar -- over another.


See the Green Ambassadors in action in the Seventh Generation lab! Photos

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