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Mamava Nursing Pod

Seventh Generation and Mamava have partnered to support more choices for moms! We know that it can be difficult for mamas on-the-go to find clean and comfortable spots to pump or nurse. The Lactation Suite provides an option for nursing moms – a private oasis for women who prefer to pump or breastfeed in a calm space. We support breastfeeding anywhere, but we hope mamas who need a clean and private spot to pump or who prefer a quiet place to nurse will appreciate these pods.

Beginning May 7, the pods will officially open at all three New York area airports. Created by Mamava, a company dedicated to transforming the culture of breastfeeding, the self-contained, mobile pods offer comfortable benches, an electrical outlet and door that can be fully shut for privacy. The 4’ by 8’ pods comfortably fit mom traveling with breast pump and luggage or baby, dad and siblings. 

A nursing mom knows that she needs to feed her baby at regular intervals, or, if she’s working, she has to pump in order to feed her baby later. If she’s traveling, the only choice for pumping is often an unhygienic bathroom with no outlet in reach. If at work, it’s often in a server room or a supply closet. Did you know that half of all women who start out breastfeeding do not continue past three months? This could be due in part to the lack of options for nursing moms. Moms are doing the best that they can, and we believe that one way to help allow mom to continue breastfeeding on her own timeline is to provide convenient options to support her decisions.

That’s why we’re partnering with Mamava. Nursing moms deserve a clean, inviting space to pump or nurse. Help us spread the word! Getting more pods in public spaces and workspaces will give moms more choices.

Check out the and nominate the spots you think need a Mamava pod!

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