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Earth Month Actions that Matter

Culminating with Earth Day on April 22nd, we spend every April celebrating Earth Month and our shared commitment to healthier communities, greener spaces, and the future of the planet we all share.

We believe that living up to our mission to transform the world into a healthier, more equitable world for the next seven generations matters even more in challenging times. That’s why we’re sharing 3 Essential Actions we all can take to protect our planet and build the world this and future generations deserve.

Action 1: Support & Empower Grassroots Climate Advocates 

One of the most climate-friendly actions any individual can take is to learn more about and directly support grassroots climate activists who are already in the fight. Our best chance to break away from fossil fuels is by disrupting and replacing current fossil fuel infrastructure with renewable solutions that are better for people and planet.  

To help you take action, our friends at Build Back Fossil Free have built a powerful framework that makes it easy to get involved.  

  • Sign their petition to support increased executive action to protect our warming climate and create true climate justice—especially for the marginalized, Indigenous, and frontline communities first and worst affected by the climate crisis. 

  • Explore and share their list of 25 key executive actions President Biden can take right now. From creating a Climate and Environmental Equity Map to ending fossil fuel subsidies, the President has more climate power than you might realize. With the stroke of his pen, he can pave the way for needed climate policy and inspire leaders at all levels to put the health of people first. 

Action 2: Vote for Climate 

This year’s midterm elections are incredibly important, both for the democratic values we hold so dear and for the future of our climate.  

National elections may dominate our feeds, but the most important climate progress and potential for lasting change is happening on the state and local level, which is where you, and your right to vote, come in. To show your commitment to a healthier climate future and demand stronger environmental leadership, we invite you to take the Environmental Voter Project Pledge. It sends a message that you’re committed to voting your values and reflecting your climate commitment at the polls. The EVP will even remind you of upcoming elections and help you make a voting plan.  

Not registered to vote yet? No problem! Register today, it’s easy.

Action 3: Think Beyond Your Carbon Footprint 

From energy-saving cold water washing to greening up your commute, there’s no doubt that individual action plays an important role in creating healthier communities. But the planet is warming fast and the effects on our health are truly alarming1. Climate scientists and a recent report from the U.N. have made it clear that we are living through a climate emergency2. But what does that mean for us as individuals who want to be part of the solution? 

It means it’s time to start thinking bigger. We need to think beyond our individual carbon footprint to create a healthier, more renewable world. Here’s how to start:  

  • Support B Corps and brands committed to sustainability. When you support Seventh Generation and other likeminded brands who put the health of people and planet at the center of their business model, you help gradually shift demand towards more renewable, healthier choices. The more that consumers show their commitment to a healthier future, the more that other brands will take note and do better.

  • Get involved locally. Right now, the most transformative climate policies are happening on the local level though bills like New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. Check out organizations like the Sunrise Movement, Sierra Club,, or other groups in your area working on climate justice issues. Our planet is in crisis, but we are not powerless. By combining our desire to make a difference as individuals with our ability to help change the outdated systems around us, we can build a healthier, more equitable world for future generations.

Let’s start right now.  
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