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Right To Know ComeClean at Capitol

We at Seventh Generation could not be more excited for yet another action supporting #ComeClean momentum. On May 24th, Representative Raul Ruiz introduced The Federal Cleaning Products Right to Know Act (H.R.2728), bringing our fight for industry-wide ingredient disclosure in cleaning products back to the federal level. The Cleaning Product Right to Know Act requires manufacturers of both consumer household and industrial cleaning products to disclose all intentionally-added ingredients on their product labels and websites.

protestors hold signs reading #COMECLEAN


With this latest action, the momentum behind ingredient disclosure is stronger than ever. This year, Seventh Generation and our partners have doubled down on our fight for ingredient disclosure with the goal of supporting the consumers’ right to know what's in the products you choose to purchase. With your help, there have been important strides when it comes to demanding that the cleaning industry #ComeClean.

Driving change in government:


protestors at the feminine hygiene rally at the Capitol
Change-making moves in Retail: 
  • This past February, our friends at Target announced a chemical strategy that includes a commitment to drive transparency and chemical management by driving manufacturers to disclose ingredients in every product they sell.

products on a shelf
Shake Ups in the Cleaning Industry

While we continue to drive progress, there’s still work to be done. Join us in our fight by tweeting, calling or writing your local representatives – and get others involved! We all have a right to know what’s in the products we use around our families and homes every day.

woman holds a sign reading #COMECLEAN
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