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Diapers in a drawer

Messes happen – especially when you’re out and about with little ones in tow. A fully-stocked diaper bag can be the difference between a mess and a mini-disaster. We asked some of our Seventh Generation moms about their diaper bag must-haves and here’s what they won’t leave home without! 

What you need:

Baby Wipes – This one goes without saying. Diaper change + no wipes = no fun. A package of thick baby wipes is also great to have for on-the-go snacking and quick cleanup of dirty surfaces. Our free & clear wipes come in a take-along package so you’ll always have a fresh wipe at hand. It is also handy to have diaper cream to help keep your baby's sensitive skin guarded against excessive moisture during a diaper change.

• Back Up Clothes – You can’t always avoid accidents, but having an extra set of clothes available will help get everyone back on track in no time. 

• First Aid Kit – Keep it stocked with band-aids, wipes, medicine and vitamins to help battle any ‘ouchie’ that may come your way. 

• Travel-size Tissues – Gentle enough for runny noses and face messes. 

• Hand Sanitizer – Having sanitizer readily available is great for cleaning your hands after diaper and clothing changes – and always a good way to combat germs. This can be a great substitute for baby wipes on your hands.

• Snacks – From curbing hunger to rewarding good behavior, snacks can come in handy for all types of situations. 

• "Garbage" Bags – Great for keeping dirty diapers (or dirty clothes) away from the rest of your belongings when a garbage bin is nowhere to be found. Reuse shopping bags for these if you have them!

Disinfecting Wipes - stash some in a resealable baggie for changing surfaces and other germy areas.

Make sure that you also check out our diaper size fit guide to know what diaper size your baby needs, from diaper size 1 all the way up to diaper size 6.

Our #1 diaper bag tip? Always check it before you leave to make sure you've restocked your diapers and other necessary items! What are some of the diaper bag must-haves you won’t leave home without? We would love to hear from you on social media. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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