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The other guys say: Ingredient disclosure on products is useless for consumers and is unworkable for businesses, who would be faced with disclosing a long list of ingredients on labels.

We say: Ingredient labeling is both good for the consumer and good for business. Seventh Generation has been disclosing ingredients on our packaging for years, including disclosure of components within our fragrances, and consumers appreciate our transparency. We have had no problem designing a label that provides the information required in this bill.

The other guys say: Ingredient disclosure violates protection of trade secrets.

We say: Consumers should be able to make informed decisions about what they bring into their homes. Ingredient disclosure would not require the exact percent of each ingredient in the product to be declared, or the exposure of proprietary information.

The other guys say: People don’t actually look at labels. Ingredient disclosure doesn’t make a difference to consumers.

We say: Consumers are eager for ingredient disclosure, and have a right to know what they are bringing into their home. Our market research shows over 50% of people want to know what’s in the products they buy.  Why isn’t every company telling them?

The other guys say: We provide the ingredients online.

We say: We believe everyone should be able to easily read what’s in their cleaning products at the time that they are buying or using them. Studies show a link between respiratory health issues, cleaning professionals, and the products containing VOCs they use. Everyone has a right to access this important information at the point of exposure and choose the chemicals they use around their families and bodies – regardless of their access to online information.

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