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Father and Son Fishing on Dock

I don't have many memories of Father's Day from when I was small. I vaguely recollect store-bought cards and handmade gifts from us kids - and dad using the opportunity to go solo, to finish some afternoon house repairs, or to sneak in a nap. I think his goal was to celebrate fatherhood by taking a good, day-long break from it.

While those remembrances aren't terrible, they aren't particularly memorable. Now that I have a child of my own (and another on the way), I hope to create memories of family togetherness and excitement-- not just for our resident Dad, but for my son as well. Rather than a break from fatherhood, I'm hoping Father's Day can be a celebration of it. I'd like my husband to feel appreciated, and my son always to remember not only that his Dad is worth celebrating, but also that parenting and being a family are part of that celebration.

I've been thinking of ways to involve my boy in the enjoyment of the day - maybe he and I can work together to cook a big family meal of my husband's favorite dishes. Perhaps we'll sneak out to carefully pick out a special present.  I'm leaning toward finding a special event that we can all do together, but specifically chosen for my husband's enjoyment. Maybe we'll try camping this year for the first time, or a visit to a museum my husband keeps mentioning. I'm searching for an opportunity to do something Dad will love, but in a way that allows us all to enjoy time as a family.

We have many opportunities to take a break from the stresses of parenting. Father's Day, I hope, can be one day when our family revels in the joys of that dad and kiddo relationship, and of being a family together.

How does your family celebrate Father's Day?


Liz Moorhead

Liz Moorhead is an English teacher-turned-writer and illustrator. She paints stationery, writes for a top wedding site, and blogs at Happy Sighs between walks to the park with her two boys.