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Cabot Creamery: Farming Family and Cows

The Cabot Creamery Cooperative is so much more than just their award-winning cheese. Owned and operated by 1,200 dairy farm families throughout New York and New England, they employ over 1,000 people who dedicate their days to creating quality dairy products. A handful of Cabot-area farmers joined forces way back in 1919, and have evolved into the Cabot cooperative we know and love today. Cabot blends state-of-the-art facilities with a personal commitment to quality to deliver the wide range of cheeses, yogurts, butters and dips your family loves.

A fellow B Corp, Cabot’s business practices set a great example for others in the dairy industry – and beyond! Next to farm-family ownership, concern for their communities is a key principle of the cooperative. The Cabot pledge to sustainability is “Living Within Our Means & Ensuring the Means to Live.” As a cooperative, they incorporate sustainability practices throughout the entire product process – from farm to fork. How great is that?

We spoke with Amy Levine from Cabot to learn more.

What drives your company to continue making the products you do – in the way that you do? 
Our farmers strive to maintain their heritage of family dairy farming for generations to come. We honor them, their commitment to quality, and their pure, fresh milk by making the best quality dairy products available. We like to say that our secret is the source of our milk- coming right from our local dairy farmer-owners. We naturally age our cheddar cheese and never use any added ingredients to speed up the aging process. That means it take longer, but we think it’s worth it! 

What makes your company unique? 
Being a dairy farmer owned cooperative is a unique business model. 100% of our profits are returned to our farmers. Everything we do is about making sure that we are returning as much profit to the farmers as we can. For the farmers, owning the Cabot brand is a source of immense pride and for our employees, working for the farmers provides an equal amount of pride and drives all that we do. 

We honor our farmers’ as the backbone of their communities and their commitment to volunteering by focusing our marketing efforts around gratitude. That means thanking volunteers who log their time with prizes for individuals and their organizations with our Reward Volunteers Program. We thank volunteers where they are volunteering with our Farmers’ Gratitude Grille, a mobile food kitchen. We travel all over the country to celebrate people in their communities doing good works to make their communities better and stronger. 

Tell us more about your core mission and principles. 
We honor quality and collaboration in all that we do. We are proud of our history of making the World’s Best dairy products, winning every major award for taste, including World’s Best Cheddar at the World Championship Cheese Contest. 

In honoring the cooperative principles that guide us, we believe that we are stronger as a collective than we are individually. We strive to partner with and honor a multitude of organizations, businesses, and non-profits that share our commitment and believe we are stronger together. 

What does environmental responsibility mean to you? 
Our commitment to environmental sustainability starts at the farm with our owners and continues through our manufacturing facilities to the stores where our products are sold. Environmental initiatives across our supply chain have not only reduced our waste stream and carbon footprint, but increased our efficiencies, provided cost savings, and energized our employees. 

Our B corp. certification has been a great reinforcement and assessment of our commitment to social and environmental bottom lines, in addition the financial return to our farmer-owners. 

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