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A new study on sustainability by Accenture and the UN Global Compact reveals that "86% of CEOs believe that companies should invest in enhanced training of managers to integrate sustainability into strategy and operations." Many of the 766 CEOs who responded also believe that "business that is both sustainable and profitable requires efforts by people at all levels of the corporation; thus engaging employees in the sustainability agenda is vital to success."    Key findings also indicate that business is taking sustainability more seriously and there is strong belief that, within the decade, a tipping point will be reached that brings sustainability from the periphery to the core.  One of the barriers to fully embedding sustainability, according to the study, is "the complexity of strategically integrating across business functions."  This can be overcome with training, including programs run by the Sustainability Institute, developed by Seventh Generation and Kaplan EduNeering. For more information about these important courses, click here or email this post to your Human Resources and Sustainability departments.